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But Santa finds out there is one Rogue Elf who is stealing the gifts as soon as they are delivered!

Santa phones Elf Robin, as she is making her final delivery on Christmas Eve, to tell her that Elf Steve is the Rogue and she must wait for him and teach him a lesson (and get all of the gifts back) and deliver the Rogue to Santa for further punishment!!! This is just a fun little video to celebrate the spirit of giving (and for some....taking!!! Jennifer Thomas is chatting with our local arrogant Frenchman Steve when he proposes a little wager.

Jennifer uses her gorgeous thighs to squeeze Steve into oblivion!

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Steve is bound and gagged and completely helpless to avoid being smother by Ariel's wonderful ass!

These two ladies are downright devilish in their delight when they have their opponent's vulnerable body at their mercy as they sink their fingers into outrageously ticklish flesh! The test of strength escalates into them fighting harder. They pull hair, squeeze tits...crotch to crotch..intertwined. It's obvious as this video begins that Steve has gotten himself in more trouble with the Dominant Wrestler, Fightbabe Robin!

Both of these girls are extremely ticklish and it shows as their heavenly bodies squirm, quiver, and convulse when they are restrained by their opponent and forced to endure intense tickle torture! She has him trapped in a choke hold...he becomes more and more purple, it is clear that Robin is in complete control!

Julie Squeeze takes on our local tough guy Steve in a well matched hard fought submission battle!

Steve is up for the challenge as Julie is known for her awesome strength and great technique.

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